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Plus Size Models

Due to the increased competition, prices will be increasing January first. Thank you!


We believe every body is different inside and out!That is why all of our services can be customized to you. ​So, what does 'customized' mean? We want your time with us to be as best as it can be, leaving results that last.  It means we recognize you, and your needs. We believe in inclusion! Some positions we ask you to be in for services may be uncomfortable for you to do. We want you to feel empowered, please ask for an adaptation if needed!Flawless results can only come from communication.  We want to know your dream results so we can make sure every moment spent with us is working towards that. Many salons offer cookie cutter services; we don't want to waste time on parts of a service you don't care for. 

Body Waxing:

     Bikini Services:

Brazilian (LGBTQIA+ welcome!) $65:

As much or as little waxed from the bikini and perianal/bum strip areas. 

Bikini Full $45:

Same as brazilian just without the bum strip.

Bikini Line $25:

This is the outer few inches from the top and sides.

Bum strip $10:

Full cheeks $25:

     Other body waxing:

Full legs $125:

       full leg plus feet and toes if desired.

Half legs $60: 

Knee down plus toes.

Full Arms $80:

Shoulder to fingertips. 

Half Arms $50:

Top of elbow down to fingertips OR bottom of elbow to shoulder.

Knees/Elbows $20:

2inches or so surrounding the joint.

Underarms $20:

       Armpits only.

Chest $60:

       Shoulders not included, unless paired with upper/full back.

Abdomen $40

Full Back $100

Half Back $50

Shoulders $25

Hands/Feet $15

Facial Waxing:

Eyebrow Wax $35:

Includes full consultation, trim, wax and tweeze as needed.

Lip $8:

Includes the area above the top lip, bottom lip can be requested.

Chin $10:

Includes lower lip to the tip of the chin and rest of chin. Jawline can be requested.

Sideburns $15: 

Includes the area below hairline to jaw line as desired.

Cheeks $15:

Includes the area between nose to side burns down to jawline.

Nose $5:

The service of a lifetime. Breathe like never before. 

Full Face $70:

Neck $20:

This is either the front or back of neck from jawline to collar bones. Collarbones are an optional add on.

Ears $15:

Inside and out! Let's take care of those crazies. 

Jawline $15:

Optional adds cheeks, side burns, and neck.

Skin Care Treatments:

Customized facial:

The service takes approximately 15 minutes loner than the treatment time. This allows the client to discuss their concerns and goals. We recognize that each person is different, so each treatment is different.

-Express $45:

This facial is down to business. Many of the traditional elements of a facial are adapted to allow for the results we desire. Please note that it is recommended to receive this service as maintenance following an initial hour long facial. 

-One Hour 85:

This service is completely customized based on the clients needs. There is a consultation in the beginning, as well as a recommended treatment plan at the end. Please allow approximately 30 extra minutes just in case. 

This option allows you to choose integrations from a traditional hour long facial that includes: Cleansing, Exfoliation, luxury massage, mask, and hot steam. 


Can’t decide? No problem. Simply tell us your desires, and allow us to cater to you. We want you to feel relaxed. Let us know if there is anything you need for that to happen.

Customized Body Treatments:

All skincare services can be adapted to be performed on any body part. This can include a Vagacial, Back facial, Chemical treatment… Pricing is all based on the type of service, and a quote can be provided at any time. 

Specialty Treatments:

-Chemical Peel $125:

Professional strength chemical peel treatment is applied to the skin. Our most popular is our combo peel. It is a mixture of both AHA and BHA. This allows for multiple different skin concerns to be treated at once. Acid type used is determined during consultation. Pricing is based on acid used. $125 is the most common.

-Microdermabrasion $145:

This is a mechanical exfoliation process, that can not be easily replicated with common “at-home” machines. A professional grade machine is used to manually remove dead skin cells. This comprehensive treatment can improve overall skin texture, sun damage, stretch marks, wrinkles, and more! 

Skincare add ons:

-Galvanic current/ high frequency $5: 

Using a glass wand containing gas. It is used to create an ozone layer between the skin and the electrode. This ozone promotes an increase in oxygen and collagen; allowing the treatment of a variety of conditions. 

-Ultrasonic skin scrubber: $5

This electric spatula has many modalities. It is used to perform extractions, promote product penetration and more!

-Chemical Spot treatment: 5 spots for $15

Concentrated chemical treatments are applied to lesions on the face or body. The type of lesion will indicate the proper treatment. This can be a good option for the treatment of non malignant seborrheic keratoses (sk). 

-Extended facial massage: $5 

15 minute luxury massage. This includes all basic movements such as Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement and Feathering off. These can be enhanced with an opal roller as well. 

-Extractions: $15

This service is applicable to ingrown hairs, papules, and comedones. Extraction tools are paired with hot steam. A desincrustation fluid is used as well as bacteria killing solutions.

Skin Consultation and Treatment Protocol: 

This can be a stand alone service. It includes a comprehensive skin exam, a care routine review, and recommended treatment plan. Note that this is included in other facial treatments.

Lifting and Tinting Services:

-Brow Tint: 

Temporary tint is applied to provide lasting color for several weeks. We carefully formulate the color based on the client's desires and color theory. When tinting, you can expect the staining of the skin to last approximately one week. The brow hairs retain the color for approximately six weeks. This enhancement is the perfect addition to an eyebrow wax. It helps create definition especially for lighter or thinning brows.

-Brow Lamination $60: 

       Please note this service is best paired with a wax and tint.

-Lash Tint Only $30: 

This treatment includes a temporary tint to eyelashes. We carefully formulate each color based on the client's desires.

-Lash Tint and Lift $60: 

A lash lift can be completely customized to the clients desires. Before the treatment begins, a brief consultation will be conducted. This ensures the technician can properly choose the best curl pattern. Whether you'd like a curl or just a lift. We will make sure to add vibrancy back to your eyes, without the use of false lashes. 


-Combo Lash and Brow Tint $45: 

This includes a temporary tent to be applied to both bread, and lashes.

New Services Coming Soon!

Have a reccommendation for a service? Let us know!


Exceeding Your Expectations

Tint and lift 

Lash and brow enhancements you'll love!

Waxing Services

Full body waxing services for all!

Hard wax only.

Specialty Treatments

Facials, Microderm, and more!

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